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Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner and Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner, Butler StreetMary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner and Mike Jacoutot, Founder & Managing Partner Experienced C-Suite executives inspiring people to develop strong teamwork, hire and retain engaged employees, and lead at every level for accelerated growth.

History has proven time and time again that a single person driven by passion and knowledge can make all the difference; be it in classrooms, organizations, or world movements. They play an essential role in society as they not only “get the job done,” but also enable others to pave a path toward success. They are called Leaders. And because management and leadership go hand-in-hand—both of which are crucial to organizational success— Butler Street, an Atlanta, GA-based management consulting, training and research firm, helps companies achieve lasting results in both client and talent development through their unique leadership development training.

“Our mantra is that we help companies and their people grow®,” says Mike Jacoutot, Founder and Managing Partner of Butler Street.

He continues, “We offer leadership effectiveness workshops led by executive coaches, high impact sales management training, and we provide continuous support of the entire process through eLearning. Our solutions enable clients to develop their talent, motivate teams, and realize their full potential!”

Transforming Businesses

Terry Dixon, President of Konica Minolta Direct Division which employs approximately 1,000 sales professionals and 5,000 employees offered, “We engaged Butler Street as we looked to transform our business from a product-focused sales model to a consultative sales organization and recognized we needed to develop our leaders, culture and skills to make the transformation.” Dixon added, “We interviewed a number of firms whom we had existing relationships with, however, what we found was Butler Street just understood our business better, listened more and had the solutions to give us more confidence in getting the execution we needed.”

Proven Results

And what about the results?

“We just completed a record 2018, and have started some added engagements with Butler Street to help us further develop our sales management - so we can create more succession planning for growth,” said Dixon.
John Falconetti, Chairman and CEO of Drummond Press had begun an aggressive growth strategy when it became apparent that sales management may become a limiting factor. After narrowing his search to a field of four, Falconetti shared, “My conclusion was that Butler Street was the only firm that offered a technology-enabled sales management platform, a training curriculum based on a sales methodology that I related to, and a culture that I believed would inspire and motivate my team.”

When asked about the outcome, Falconetti said, “We have an improved shared vision and “common approach to client conversations. We are all singing off the same sheet of music.” The results for Drummond have been stellar, doubling their revenue over the last three years in a flat to declining market.

Effective and Accessible

Strategically, Butler Street understands the vast majority of SMBs and start-ups often have under $10 million in sales each year, making it extremely difficult even to consider leadership development programs as an investment. Alternatively, since most of these firms have only a handful of in-house leaders, they cannot afford to share their insights at a leader-led training session either. The Butler Street solutions not only fit perfectly within large multi-billion dollar organizations, they also have taken the same best practices and concepts and have created solutions to address this market.

We help companies and their people grow®.

With the increasing number of baby boomer retirees, there is another pain point involving millennials moving into leadership roles for the first time. “Beyond the initial onboarding process, rarely is employee development in place to prepare young associates for new leadership positions. Now more than ever, it is important for organizations to have a defined plan to give new leaders the tools and training needed to be effective,” says Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner at Butler Street. “It’s the way to remain competitive in the war for talent, improve employee retention and to sustain organizational growth.” So, what can they do? How can they resolve both these issues effectively and efficiently?

Focus Points: Strategy, Activity, and Skill

Butler Street offers services around leadership development that includes High-Impact Sales Management, Leadership Effectiveness and Executive Leadership and Coaching. The Print/Digital and Staffing industries have even greater value when choosing Butler Street due to the team consisting of C-level executives in both sectors. The firm provides solutions with proven and guaranteed results. “Our experience is what gives us our authority in these sectors. We know the business inside-out, understand our clients’ pain points, and know how to develop leaders,” says Mary Ann.
Butler Street begins with a proprietary assessment process including an initial leadership assessment that leverages DISC. With the gathered data, Butler Street then designs a customized plan for the company leaders that build upon strengths while attempting to minimize weaknesses These leaders are trained on subjects that include coaching to strategy, activity, and skill and is particularly powerful when applied to revenue generating teams. From teaching how to develop an actionable business strategy to giving live examples and practical scenarios, Butler Street has built a system of reinforcing activities that ensure clients’ growth and success. “One of the key differentiators with us is that the companies we work with grow 4X their respective markets,” asserts Jacoutot.

Depending on the client’s requirements and budget, these services are delivered in one or two days through instructor-led workshops and supported with continuous improvement and elearning. Butler Street’s instructor-led workshops focus on a propriety leadership development framework. The course often offers a license to the elearning platform; helping them go over the modules as and when needed to ensure the learning sticks. “We are making our training sessions available and affordable for everyone,” says Jacoutot. He continues, “the workforce of today wants to learn at their convenience—anytime, anywhere—which makes elearning extremely important to them.” Butler Street’s courses are not only educational but are very interactive and challenging. It includes what Jacoutot calls “situation scrimmage,” wherein learners are given a hypothetical scenario which they need to solve.

Additionally, organizations with budget constraints can greatly benefit from Butler Street’s elearning program. With the help of a team of instructional designers and their LMS powered by Docebo, Butler Street’s online offering is robust and helps companies grow and achieve without having to invest significant dollars up front.

“Our solutions enable our clients to unleash their hidden talents, motivate teams, and realize their full potential”

With Butler Street’s holistic leadership development program, clients can not only acquire and develop their workforce but can also retain them. “With solid leadership and coaching, our clients have more engaged workforces that deliver better results,” says Mary Ann. She continues, “We believe talent engagement and client engagement go hand in hand and our offerings are designed to make it easy for organizations to have access to the best-in-class tools and training regardless of their size.”

“Butler Street understood our business better, listened more and had the solutions to give us confidence in getting the execution we needed.”

Butler Street is a management consulting, training and research firm comprised of knowledge sharing, experienced C-Level executives who help companies achieve lasting results in the two most challenging areas they face: Client Development and Talent Development. Visit for more information and additional sales & leadership resources.
- Hanna Wilson
    July 08, 2019