Multi Training Systems: Tailor-Made Solutions for a Healthy Work Culture

Donna Murray Charles, CEO, Multi Training SystemsDonna Murray Charles, CEO
To say that “the days when an organization employed a homogenous workforce are long gone” is an understatement. Today, there are significant cultural differences between employees, and they don’t all stem from just globalization, regional factors, or societal influences. This cultural diversity could easily arise from a generation gap—millennials vs. baby boomers—or a variety of other differences such as political values, educational background, work styles, and sexual orientation.

Owing to the lack of diversity and inclusion, a lot of organizations are suffering from poor office morale, reduced employee engagement, and lack of accountability, among other concerning trends. Needless to say, a toxic work culture also affects productivity and employee performance. Multi Training Systems, a leadership development solution provider with over 25 years of hands-on experience in the industry, has witnessed from close quarters, the impact of cultural diversity on an office environment. In dealing with these prevailing issues, Multi Training Systems offers clients training in six core areas, namely Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development, Supervisory Development, Customer Service, Staff Development, and Sexual Harassment & Compliance. In some cases, it recommends a leadership development program, which requires the upper management to go through the training in its entirety.

To meet the changing needs of a multicultural office community, HR managers across the globe have designed new compliance goals, and share a moral obligation to make every employee feel at home. Multi Training Systems on its part is working with these HR officers to prescribe a solution, but not before diving deep into the organization’s existing culture and understanding its pain points. “Since we work with various industries, we have realized that one size does not fit all. We could be doing a different diversity program for a manufacturing company, as compared to one for an insurance firm. This is why we understand the pain points, and design a targeted solution for each customer,” explains Donna Murray Charles, CEO and co-founder, Multi Training Systems.

We have seen effective training transform lives! We’re convinced that people feel empowered when they have training to strengthen their soft skills. It gives them tools to be able to work better with others and ultimately to improve their organization’s bottom line

These targeted solutions could vary from traditional live instruction, an online training program, a concise infographic, or just a series of video bytes on a smartphone. Its most prominent training module, titled MTS Leadership Grow Model, provides a robust and focused approach to developing skillful leaders. Regardless of the medium, Multi Training Systems offers the same content, from its vast pool of training programs, designed to help HR departments meet their strategic goals.

When Multi Training Systems surveyed the landscape of an automotive manufacturing company in Michigan, they knew that the archetypal cultural diversity training wasn’t going to cut it. This client was facing severe issues at one of their plant locations, with diversity and inclusion, and wanted to ensure that all their 1,500 employees are able to develop cultural sensitivity. “The main goal of that training was to meet changing needs of a multi-cultural community, which included Hispanics, Indians, Vietnamese, and Chinese,” says Donna. “Besides delivering social competence training for their managers, we recommended an actionable, businessoriented solution, which had a direct impact on their client interactions, and ultimately improved their inter-office behavior, attitude, and communication.”

Entering the new calendar year, Multi Training Systems plans to stay ahead of the curve, by annually updating its training modules. “Since cultural diversity is constantly evolving, we are enhancing our programs, to ensure we are in line with what HR departments are looking for. Besides training, we also provide business consultancy, coaching and nurturing,” concludes Donna.