Vigere: Hybrid Working from an Inclusive Perspective

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Tonya Echols, Managing Principal, VigereTonya Echols, Managing Principal
Remote working practices, in tow with the many, ever-advancing collaboration technologies, have disrupted the norm for many C-suite executives and upper management professionals well acclimated to in-person methods of running an enterprise. Business leaders are now tasked with the conundrum of moving away from the old and ushering in the new, which validates the proposition that remote and hybrid working culture is here to stay.

That said, effectuating a change of this nature is not the easiest of tasks; it requires the intervention of exceptional leadership coaches, consultants, and human resource experts who are capable of inspiring such desirable transformations. Atlanta-based Vigere has risen to the occasion, fully confident in its ability to coach, train, educate, and advise management professionals in the current digital-first landscape. Vigere empowers business leaders to drive their organizations forward with a more holistic, human-centric point of view with comprehensive individual and team coaching sessions alongside facilitation services on pertinent issues of the modern workplace.

Established in 2016, Vigere is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) that concentrates on delivering highly customized leadership development services, providing clients the insight they need to ensure the success of the company and its people. “We support our partners with decades worth of corporate management experience, allowing them to best leverage their strengths as an organization to thrive and flourish,” expresses a passionate Tonya Echols, a professional certified coach (PCC) and managing principal of Vigere. Through her firm, Tonya proffers exceptional coaching, training, consulting, and assessment services that help clients identify areas across the enterprise that require the active participation of management personnel. Clients are then enabled to refine their management approaches and better address the aspects that are holding them back.

The focus in recent years, according to the award winning coach and leadership consultant, revolves around adapting to and fostering a hybrid work culture.
For many longstanding enterprises, the question of how one can still build culture and connections amongst teams through online channels alongside in-person systems arises frequently.

Vigere addresses such queries with a series of team-building practices and intuitively crafted workshops specifically curated to garner a strong, internal company culture. It reviews their pre-existing workflows and conducts surveys to better understand employee experiences while discerning their various pain points. The company then strategizes with leadership and team members the most effective methods to inspire a growth mindset. Vigere also provides individual and team coaching sessions to help clients think differently, and progressively, when ideating hybrid work environments utilizing the myriad of technological platforms available to improve collaboration and engagement.
  • We support our partners with decades worth of corporate management experience, allowing them to best leverage their strengths as an organization to thrive and flourish

The broader the scope of engagement, the more diverse are the people in a team. Vigere, as a minority business enterprise (MBE), understands this better than most. Remote and hybrid workflows involve employees’ participation from different parts of the globe. Thus, Vigere stresses the need to educate the modern leader, in detail, on the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The idea is to inculcate a sense of inclusion and belonging amongst each team member and create psychologically safe environments, which inevitably ensures robust collaboration and innovation, improves productivity, and fast-tracks personal growth within their organization and careers.

With such a comprehensive, humanistic approach toward preparing leaders to best tackle modern workflow practices, Vigere is on a mission to create the most inclusive environments that positively impact all who work within them. It focuses on individual and collective beliefs, values, and motivations alongside a business’s operational process to drive personal well-being and profitability. Moving forward, the company intends to continue improving on, and delivering, its services, promising to mold the next generation of leaders competent, connected, and flexible for a world that never ceases to evolve.
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Tonya Echols, Managing Principal

Vigere provides executive coaching and leadership consulting services for individual leaders, teams, and organizations to create high-performing, human-centric, and inclusive work environments.