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Joan Fletcher, Founder, Winning WaysJoan Fletcher, Founder
Are you the instructor for the executive leadership program?”

The sudden question came from a young lady when Joan Fletcher, the founder of Winning Ways, was going for a cup of tea after a leadership development session. Enthusiasm and happiness were oozing out of the lady.

Joan was not a stranger to these situations; in fact, in her decades-long career as a professional coach, she has come across many such happy faces. “Yes,” she nodded with a smile.

The simple answer was followed by a monologue from the young woman. “I want to thank you for changing our entire team. I used to come in, do my job, and go home every day. Now, we work as a team,” said the lady. Joan heaved a sigh of relief—another resounding success, indeed.

Joan took up this project to help the CFO of the organization build a vibrant team that brainstorms together, and succeeds together. She implemented the Leadership Evolution Program (LEP)—incorporating a self-awareness methodology—that provided the CFO the space to learn about himself. He realized that he never did something tangible to make everyone connected. The next step entailed setting a goal for himself as a leader and developing the habits to achieve remarkable outcomes. This, finally, transformed the CFO into a better leader with positive and lasting leadership competencies and created a collaborative culture.

“When people bridge the gap between how they view their leadership versus how everyone perceives it, they turn into a better version of themselves,” Joan says.

Alongside the LEP, Winning Ways has designed several other programs as well. Take the mentorship program, for instance. Here, the company examines less experienced staff’s professional goals, skills, and strengths and matches them with the right mentors who have at least ten years of experience in the leadership development field.
The mentor and protégé work in liaison for about a year during the program, which ensures better outcomes.

All the programs that Joan has designed can be customized to meet the unique requirements of clients. More importantly, Winning Ways realizes that traditional leadership development programs often fail to yield the optimum outcome owing to the long time span. Given the multifaceted role that leaders carry out in an organization, it becomes almost impossible for them to rightly grasp all the learnings and understand their practical applications. Joan has challenged this status quo. Although Winning Ways programs last anywhere between eight to twelve months like traditional programs, the leaders only have to meet once a month for a few hours. As a result, they can devote only a certain amount of time from their busy schedules and actively participate in the programs.

Winning Ways always follows a five-pronged approach while engaging with clients and bringing the desired transformation. The first step is all about assessments. It helps leaders understand their strengths and blind spots. This is followed by learning and rightly strategizing the roadmap for transformation. Next comes practice, where the company allows leaders to apply the lessons in practical scenarios. This gradually drives leaders to the fourth stage, dubbed mastery or becoming aware of the blind spots. In the last stage, the desired evolution of a leader happens.
  • When people bridge the gap between how they view their leadership versus how everyone perceives it, they turn into a better version of themselves

This comprehensive approach and all the programs are outcomes of Joan’s years of dedication, passion, and perseverance. She has closely observed the leadership development arena and understood all the intricacies of initiating real change. “Leaders need to evolve and question themselves to build a great work environment that attracts and retains talents. I along with my team strive to create the leaders of tomorrow, who understand their people and drive real success,” says Joan.
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Winning Ways

Winning Ways

Reston, VA

Joan Fletcher, Founder

Winning Ways, Inc. is highly respected and known throughout the DC metro area and nationally for 25+ years of excellent coaching, training and development. The company provides results oriented coaching and professional development with a particular focus on self-awareness. They have a differentiated service due to step-by-step methodologies that are used with success in multiple industries. Winning Ways receive 90% of their clients through referrals for doing outstanding work.