Coach Training Alliance: Helping Companies create a purpose driven workplace

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Chris Osborn, CEO, Coach Training AllianceChris Osborn, CEO
Today’s workforce demands a purpose-driven work environment. Any organization aiming to build its brand value should have excellent leadership to meet the modern workers’ needs. Coaching empowers organizational leaders to lay the foundation of goal-oriented work culture through effective strategies and tactics. Employees who are aware of their contribution to the growth of the company they represent are much more likely to embrace change quickly and build synergy with people across departments and the management. Chris Osborn saw the opportunity to introduce integrated coaching into organizations that would help companies achieve strategic objectives, enhance leadership capability, and streamline change management. In 2012, Osborn bought Coach Training Alliance (CTA)—a company founded in 2001—and steered the firm toward organizational coaching. CTA started delivering programming and training customized training programs including proprietary coaching modules and live online training classes to help individuals build their own professional and successful coaching practices. Organizational leaders, on the other hand, leverage CTA’s training programs to maximize their potential and create growth opportunities for their workforce. “Aligned and recognized by the International Coach Federation(ICF), CTA has trained and certified over 9,000 people in 13 countries,” says Osborn, the CEO of the company.

Executive coaching accelerates the development of leadership skills and managerial practices. It also helps leaders address the challenges associated with employee engagement, first-time manager development, and multi-generational workplace communication. Unique to CTA is its committed, proven, and independent coaches who deliver an exceptional coaching experience. Instead of replacing the existing training programs in a firm, these coaches leverage those programs and present a customized coaching skill set.
Coming from notable areas of coaching such as organizational change, neuroscience and assessments, CTA’s faculty is impacting and enriching lives of the modern workforce while helping clients develop loyalty, purpose, and value for their employees.

Aligned and recognized by the International Coach Federation(ICF), CTA has trained and certified over 9,000 people in 13 countries

Knowledge itself is not power, but awareness followed by its application is the way to embrace change for maximum benefit. To that end, CTA allows its clients to experience coaching and develop the ability to coach with a boot camp program of 3 to 4 hours. After the boot camp, clients have the option to continue their training in multi-week classes that range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The leaders implement the newly learned skills in their organization to achieve their goals and vision. After the training and certification, a follow-up program is conducted for the development of additional skills and capabilities such as coaching groups and millennials, managing conflict, and driving emotional intelligence.

The company proactively caters to a wide range of clientele spanning many industries. CTA’s clients include Fortune 500 companies in financial services, healthcare, manufacturers, and emerging growth companies with as few as 50 employees. Among the varied needs of its clientele, the urge to reduce the friction in change management through effective leadership remains the common denominator. In an instance, CTA trained one of its international clients to expand their leadership skills and also helped their HR to deliver value in organizational development effectively. “We have several production-oriented professionals in accounting, real-estate, and insurance who have enhanced their leadership skills,” says Osborn.

CTA continues to develop its professional, personal, and life training modules that will allow its clients to foster a purpose-driven work environment. “Coaching is phenomenal and bears a high return on investment for organizations as employees not just apply their skills in the workplace but also in their personal life to strengthen the relationship with friends and family,” says Osborn.