Dr. Mickey Parsons: Co-Creating Coaching Strategies with Business Leaders at The Workplace Coach

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Dr. Mickey Parsons, Founder, The Workplace CoachDr. Mickey Parsons, Founder
The idea of quitting a regular nine-to-five job to start a business venture may seem like an adventure with its own perks and downsides. However, a husband-and-wife team was up for the challenge when they attempted this feat themselves. At the same time, having no prior experience of owning or running a company, the couple was facing difficulties in making tough decisions for their business. When the workflow started becoming chaotic and uncertain for the husband-wife duo, Dr. Mickey Parsons—a leadership coach who has coached over 2000 clients in his career— came to the rescue. His prowess in business psychology honed by more than 20,000 hours of corporate coaching experience proved valuable for startup entrepreneurs. After careful assessment, coaching, and mentoring, the couple reworked their business plan, which involved hiring a number of people and delegating tasks to those employees. Today, five years later, the startup has grown multifold, and several organizations are bidding to buy it.

This is one of many success stories that Dr. Parsons has been able to achieve through his firm, The Workplace Coach—a leadership development and coaching service provider.

A Passionate Leader

As an executive coach, Dr. Parsons provides competent developmental exercises that equip leaders and their organizations for success. The founder of The Workplace Coach, LLC, he began coaching in March of 1999. By 2011, he became an assistant professor of coaching psychology and co-created a Master of Science degree program in Coaching Psychology, expanding his passion for coaching to include supporting others in obtaining high-quality coach education and mentoring. “My vision for coaching is that it no longer be an emerging, buyer beware field, but a fully legitimate profession dominated by highly experienced, competent and ethical credentialed coaches,” says Dr. Parsons.

Dr. Parsons has always been interested in business, people, and psychology. The two threads that have been woven throughout his career are business development and people development. “When I had my first conversation with Thomas Leonard (the legendary personal coaching guru) I knew immediately that this thing called ‘coaching’ was an opportunity to combine both. I have a passion for developing, inspiring, and helping people. And I find it especially rewarding to do that in a business context,” he states. Dr. Parsons and his award-winning executive and career coaches partner with organizational leaders to prepare them and their teams for high-performance, breakthrough results. Through The Workplace Coach, he and his team deliver high-impact executive, leadership, and career coaching services, along with business management and organizational development consulting, to facilitate individual and organizational effectiveness.
Delivering Evidence-based Outcomes

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is of paramount importance that organizations evolve faster to cope with a new generation of employees in the midst of changing processes and productivity constraints. To address this situation, The Workplace Coach provides executive coaching service, which involves co-creating strategy, structure, and solutions with organizations to aid them in achieving their business goals. The company works with leaders of different organizations who intend to upgrade their skills and productivity to bring out better results from their teams. To this end, The Workplace Coach performs corporate assessments to gain objective data and insights about an organization’s development opportunities and coaches leaders for effective team building and conflict management. The company’s coaching psychology approach ensures that the clients’ investment in organizational and individual development leads to evidence-based outcomes. The Workplace Coach’s executive and career coaches equip clients to leverage their strengths and newly acquired skills long after the coaching engagement ends. “And we always tailor our executive coaching, leadership training, team building, and assessment services to meet the unique situations and specifications of our clients,” adds Dr. Parsons.

The Workplace Coach provides executive coaching service, which involves co-creating strategy, structure, and solutions with organizations to aid them in achieving their business goals

The clients, when engaging with The Workplace Coach, get a three-pronged advantage. Parsons’ team functions as a coach, practice leader, and a human behaviour expert, wielding real-world business experience and hundreds of hours of training to optimize workplace performance. Of the several programs and services that The Workplace Coach offers, “Leader as Coach” and “Certified Leader Coach” stands out. These programs are available to users in both one-on-one and virtual training modes.

Bringing out the Coach within Leaders

The “Leader as Coach” is aptly suited for organizations that train employees internally for productivity and development. The company makes this happen by helping organizational leaders understand how to be effective coaches to build team relationships, manage the operational time of employees, as well as give performance feedback to employees. These, in addition to a conflict management module offered by the company, helps clients build a strong workforce backed by a robust leadership.

“In the coming months, we anticipate reaching thousands of additional business leaders and organizations through my team at The Workplace Coach as well as through coaches completing their Master of Science degree in Coaching Psychology,” says Parsons, while explaining his passion for training and mentoring great coaches globally. Looking at the future of coaching and his firm, Parsons envisions The Workplace Coach to set international benchmarks when it comes to leadership development practices. Concurrently, to supplement the increasing demand for coaches, Parsons plans on creating a workplace coach program that collaborates with other coach training institutions and industry incumbents to help aspiring coaches obtain the needed credentials and to grow their businesses.