Henley Leadership Group: Driving Individual Performance through Collaboration

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Carol Zizzo, Chief Operating Officer, Henley Leadership GroupCarol Zizzo, Chief Operating Officer
The time employees spend teaming and collaborating with each other has grown by 50% over the last two decades to the point where the average individual is left with only 20% of their workday to complete their own tasks. Yet, as organizations continue to expand their geographic reach, become flatter and matrixed, and have more ambiguous reporting structures, the need for effective collaboration grows.

The key is equipping your people with a set of skills that aren’t derived from a rule book or agreements made during a ropes course, but instead come from developing individual self-awareness. With clarity about how individual leaders contribute to team dysfunction, and with tools to shift the dynamic, team members and team leaders are able to move seamlessly from team to team, creating synergy, positivity, and productive outcomes.

Collaboration and teaming is the new normal. Learning how to collaborate well isn’t rocket science. Yet, many are under-skilled. This is where Henley Leadership Group comes in. They take cross-functional leaders or intact work teams through a program they call, “The Power of Collaboration.” “It’s a deep dive into the five competencies that make for a highly-collaborative team,” says Carol Zizzo, Chief Operating Officer for Henley Leadership.

A seasoned executive coach, facilitator and consultant, Carol has trained hundreds of leaders and their teams from a wide variety of industries since 1989.
Backed by the grit and the resolve to challenge counterproductive leadership behaviors, workplace cynicism, and complacency, she has partnered with leaders to influence sustainable corporate health.

“The first thing we train people in is how to develop trust and respect – the foundation of collaboration,” says Carol. “The second is creating a compelling purpose – the bigger reason a project team is working on what they are working on. The third skill is increasing competence – emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. The fourth skill Henley Leadership helps teams build is having a powerful relationship to breakdown and failure. And finally, The Power of Collaboration helps team members get better at appreciation and acknowledgement - the rocket fuel for collaboration.”

In short, Henley Leadership Group helps really smart people get better at doing good work together.

Carol offers an example of one client system and the results they produced. “We worked for six months with a team of 30 leaders in a manufacturing company,” says Carol. “Not only did leaders become more collaborative, but these changes led to an impact that could be monetized. Leaders in the program found ways to collaborate more effectively with their teams and across departments leading to improved personal productivity and a time savings of $122,482. Other leaders found new ways to work with others creating a profit increase of $40,000. The overall result was a 225% financial return-on-investment when all costs were taken into consideration.”

As a contributor to Forbes, Henley Leadership has been defining the field of leadership, teaming and collaboration for over three decades. Carol shares that what Henley Leadership does is provide coaching and training that develops leaders, generates innovation and creates happy workplaces. Over the years, they have been partners in developing workplaces that energize people to produce extraordinary results. Henley Leadership has earned a reputation for building long-term, trustworthy partnerships with its clients by engaging in ‘deep and meaningful work’ with them.

Carol concludes by offering, “I believe every workplace deserves to have the kind of skills that improve its workplace culture and makes work a better place to be.”