Jeanne Reaves Consulting: Nurturing Enterprise-Specific Leadership Cultures

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Jeanne Reaves, CEO, Jeanne Reaves ConsultingJeanne Reaves, CEO
With an expeditious growth in the enterprise sector globally, there arises a need for efficient management and proper execution of strategic business goals within any organization. This rapid evolution has led many companies to place such employees in leadership roles who are either not properly trained, or who lack the necessary skillset to properly execute business strategies and day-to-day management responsibilities effectively. Often, the sudden change of responsibilities tends to overwhelm these individuals. Because great leadership is the foundation for a successful administration and business growth, it becomes highly essential to identify the right people for the right roles. To this end, Jeanne Reaves Consulting brings to the table a wide range of leadership development services catering to the executive leaders of different enterprises, spearheads of family businesses and HR attorneys, to name a few. “We provide strategic planning and leadership coaching to help businesses recognize the issues within their organizations, and provide sound and efficient training for executive teams,” states Jeanne Reaves, the CEO.

The enhancement of leadership, leading to the execution of smart strategic business decisions within organizations, are the primary emphasis of the company’s offerings. Leadership coaching services for CEOs and executives ultimately enable accountability and effective training. Managerial leaders are taught the ability to pick best-suited team members to structure their firms, and perhaps one of the most vital components of the company’s offerings is to help facilitate communication among the teams. Jeanne Reaves Consulting designs programs by using individual analysis profiles to get a better understanding of the root cause of the communication barriers within teams and resolve them to foster healthy interactions. Their courses and programs are tailored to meet each clients’ unique needs and define their work culture. Jeanne Reaves Consulting takes a combined approach by conducting team and one-on-one interviews, discussions with the CEOs, and analyzing person profiles to align outcomes with expected parameters pertaining to performance and work culture.

The company offers leadership coaching for a wide array of executives, including next-generation leaders of family businesses both from the executive and financial management sectors.

We provide strategic planning that assists organizations in defining goals and the objectives to achieve those goals, as well as leadership coaching to help both businesses and executives recognize challenges, and develop leaderships skills with the goals and direction of the company in mind

The programs help elevate their leadership, and make them accountable for their actions by improving their time management, communication and leadership skills.

Millennials, a significant population in today’s workforce, also benefits from Jeanne Reaves Consulting’s services. This faction is driven, and given a proper leadership foundation by recognizing their capabilities they can hone in on their skill-set. The programs take them through what’s a lot like role-playing sessions, based on where they see themselves in the near future, the challenges they face, and their reactions to those scenarios that help provide a concrete base for them to become future industrial leaders.

The company also simplifies the work of HR attorneys by providing coaching to employees who are accused of any misconduct within the workspace. This helps them recognize their misdeed and rectify themselves in the process.

The company’s services are leveraged by several organizations and provide a holistic, 360-degree outlook to the problems it resolves, for enhancing the effectiveness and success of its clients. In addition to steering the company forward, Jeanne is an active member of the community of Sacramento. She was previously the CEO of River City Bank, and is an active board member for a number of community and corporate organizations, which has helped her establish long-standing relationships with her clients. “These mutually beneficial client relations with individuals and organizations, places Jeanne as one of most well-connected women in Sacramento,” says Christina Kiefer, a communications consultant and representative of Jeanne Reaves Consulting.

With flexibility and an aspiration to exceed clients’ expectations, the company is growing leaps and bounds to provide strategic planning, leadership coaching and team development in the most effective way possible. “We work in a controlled and collaborative environment to ensure an effective consultation is meted out for enhancing the quality of the organizations we partner with,” concludes Jeanne.