PeopleKeys: Unlocking Leadership Potential

The values and behaviors associated with leadership are all relative; you need only look at Baby Boomers compared to Millennials, for example. As more and more Baby Boomers retire, the communication and leadership skills critical to their success seem absent in today’s emerging leaders. Those skills are not truly absent, but merely well-hidden, as Millennials prize freedom of expression, flexible work schedules, and communication by text and email rather than in-person.

PeopleKeys provides solutions to make sure leadership succession plans are well thought-out, along with implementing hiring and training technologies to unlock the potential of everyone within an organization. PeopleKeys partners with companies of all sizes to provide them with customized assessments, hiring portals and other behavioral solutions that fit their needs.

PeopleKeys supports its partners with:

• Benchmarks for success – International studies across more than 100 countries determine what makes a great leader or even a successful sales person.

• Branded solutions for hiring and training – PeopleKeys is the “behind the scenes” technology that powers your unique hiring or talent management platform.

• Patent-pending technology integrating algorithms for success in any job position–Hiring no longer needs to be an “art” as PeopleKeys has turned it into a replicable, automated system that is legal and defensible.

“The good news is just about anyone can be a leader; leadership is a learned skill,” expressed Bradley Smith, Ph.D., PeopleKeys’ Managing Director. According to Dr. Smith, one should focus more on understanding each team member’s personal strengths, while recognizing and overcoming their own limitations in managing a variety of styles, ages, and values. He stated, “If every individual leader or employee just took one or two steps toward developing their strengths and learning how to utilize the strengths of each other, the quality of work can be improved to a greater extent.” PeopleKeys strongly believes the first step to being an effective leader is to understand one’s self.

Through behavioral assessments, based on DISC theory, and the application of their patent-pending technology, PeopleKeys helps clients to understand themselves and others, develop team synergy, and unleash their leadership potential.
“From top-down, it is important to align company values with the people within the organization, and PeopleKeys is assisting businesses to improve retention rates, hire smarter, strategically plan for succession, and develop new generations as leaders,” states Dr. Smith.

PeopleKeys’ predictive technology measures 1440 points for success, and as a leader in behavioral analysis, PeopleKeys has identified and validated the attributes for successful leadership through international studies of over 300,000 leaders and managers. “We have data and validations dating back more than 25 years, through our current usage of roughly one million assessments per year,” points out Dr. Smith.

Apart from being a publisher of assessments and training materials, PeopleKeys is also a leader in technology and online platforms, delivering behavioral solutions in a multitude of applications and industries. “Furthermore,” says Dr. Smith, “PeopleKeys’ API integrates with job boards, learning management systems, ATS software, and many other proprietary solutions for hiring and developing more effective business leaders.”

PeopleKeys’ clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies, with co-branded solutions developed for organizations such as Lenovo, Keller Williams, Sylvan Learning, and more. “We retain 95 percent of our clients, and build lifelong partnerships,” states Smith. Beyond working with business leaders, PeopleKeys has worked with governments, the military, educational leaders, and large franchise leaders.

Forging ahead, PeopleKeys is continuously enhancing solutions internationally. PeopleKeys has expanded to add servers across U.S., Europe, and Asia for unparalleled up-time (99.99 percent) with iron-clad security that protects all clients’ personal data. “In 2019, we are expanding our API solutions worldwide for businesses to integrate predictive matching technology for hiring smarter and creating more emotionally intelligent leaders and work teams,” concludes Dr. Smith.