Potential Project: Developing People-Centered Leadership

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People-centered organizations out-perform their peers because they are able to truly engage and motivate their people. However, according to a recent survey by Gallup, 82 percent of U.S. employees, today, deem their leaders uninspiring, which results in an overall reduction of workforce motivation and productivity. Evidently, this scenario is leading C-suite executives worldwide to join the quest for improving their ability to create organizational cultures that drive higher employee engagement and business growth. Spearheading this global movement from the front to contrive people-centered leaders and work cultures is Potential Project. Through its partnership with Harvard Business Review and a global research team, the company had conducted a comprehensive three-year study on 35,000 business leaders to recognize the critical requirements for the development of successful and human leadership. Based on the insights gained from the study, Potential Project developed its leadership programs and organizational tools to counter the core challenges of millennial leaders. “Our programs and solutions include mind training tools and techniques based on neurological and behavioral sciences that have direct applications in core workplace activities,” says Rasmus Hougaard, founder and managing director at Potential Project.

Potential Project’s leadership development focuses on the internal drivers for performance, working with leaders to create organizational cultures of meaning, connection and contribution. All key factors for engagement and performance because people are more innovative and productive when they experience a sense of purpose and realize that they are being valued for their contribution. The company offers the services through its extensive team of leadership experts, coaches, and facilitators around the world that enable Potential Project to efficiently deploy its offerings to over 700 global enterprises, including Unilever, Accenture, IKEA, and other prominent industry giants.

To effectively implement its programs and solutions, Potential Project takes a customized approach and begins every client engagement with an assessment of company culture, leadership teams, and individual employees to understand the organization’s critical challenges and collect benchmark data for post-program evaluations.
In addition, to help leaders stay on point with the training program, Potential Project also offers multiple digital tools that leverage learning technology to enable learning ‘on the go.’ And by combining face-to-face instructions with online training centers, Potential Project ensures that clients gain all the vital insights on leadership approaches at their own pace.

According to Hougaard, if an organization wants to transform its culture effectively, it needs to start with the mindsets of its people. Good leadership starts from the inside, with the mind of the leader, and then projects outward to the people and organization. “That’s why all of Potential Project’s offerings are centered on the combination of mind training and neuroscience,” adds Hougaard. A case in point is a global FMCG company, Unilever. Potential Project assisted Unilever in aligning their behavioral science-based leadership training approach with the company’s ongoing digital transformation strategy to ensure organizational disruptions in a more skillful manner. Within months of its collaboration with Potential Project, the multi-national organization transformed its leadership approach with Potential Project’s people-centered services to drive workforce productivity, and minimize employee pushback considerably.

Looking ahead, Potential Project works to support organizations, unlocking their potential with people-centered approaches to achieve measurable improvements organizational well-being, innovation and performance. Above all, the company wants to enhance its ability to discern the presence, prioritization processes, and engagement of leaders. “And with our offerings, we are making it possible to develop people-centered and highly efficient leaders,” concludes Hougaard.