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Daniel Stewart, President, Peter Stewart, Managing Director and John Parker Stewart, Founder & CEO, Stewart LeadershipDaniel Stewart, President, Peter Stewart, Managing Director and John Parker Stewart, Founder & CEO
According to Gallup, 89 percent of employers think employees switch companies for more money; but in reality, only 12 percent of these employees do so. The fact is, employees today demand purpose and more growth opportunities in their everyday work. However, most companies hardly focus on employee experience because of the chasm that exists between leadership development strategies and long-term talent planning efforts. These gaps lead to misalignment between the organizational culture, talent, and strategy. To top it off, the legacy ‘one solution fits all’ formula adds to the woes. Founded in 1980 when leadership and executive coaching was just starting to take off, Stewart Leadership has created custom solutions for its clients from various industries. Renowned for delivering high touch experience, Stewart Leadership has built long-term client relationships with companies of all sizes including some of the largest organizations in the world. The company’s consultants and coaches—who have a broad knowledge of all the aspects of training, coaching, consulting, and assessment—aid clients to build sustainable talent strategies and develop progressive leadership development solutions. These strategies and solutions streamline team development and improve change management outcomes.

Rather than offering off-the-shelf solutions, Stewart Leadership co-creates different leadership training solutions specific to an individual and the level of managerial position. The company’s client engagement strategy begins with interviewing key decision makers to identify the results they desire to achieve in two distinct categories: business and people (what an organization is achieving in relation to its employees).
Next, the Stewart Leadership team analyzes the leaders’ personal strengths, skills, and capabilities and prepares a detailed report. After all the assessments are conducted, the company then partners with the client to design and deliver tailored and practical solutions.

“We create tailored leadership training programs, which involve highly participative on-site workshops, combined with sustaining activities like video, stretch assignments, and group coaching,” says Daniel Stewart, president of the company. “For higher level executives, we have an education program that involves personal and interactive coaching as well as action planning.” Regardless of the complexity of the customer requirement, Stewart Leadership is eager to learn about the existing predicaments and act fast to find a suitable training solution through virtual training, webinars, or online polling. The company also identifies ways to design and sustain the training programs and systems to inculcate the desired behavior and deliver maximum value to its clients. These training sessions enable leaders to challenge themselves and be on top of their game, even if their company is heading toward unchartered territories or is undergoing a transition.

In one instance, Stewart Leadership helped an international telecommunications firm, CSL, that was suffering from disunity and silos within the executive leadership team; as a result of which, it couldn’t exploit greater business opportunities and remain scalable. In addition, the disunity caused time and energy to be wasted on dealing with internal strife, eventually hampering employee morale. Stewart Leadership interviewed, assessed, and individually coached each member of the executive team to address the issue. Ultimately, CSL could achieve a positive work environment, lesser employee churn, mitigate leadership siloes, and boost employee morale.

Steward Leadership focuses on employee experience and team development to translate strategy into execution. The company continues to develop additional assessment tools and solutions to accompany the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment and LEAD NOW! 360 Assessment. As the company grows, it will expand its team with consultants and coaches that excel in exercising leadership, selflessness, and empathy toward its client, while aligning values and efficiently addressing their needs and demands.