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Dr. Mickey Parsons, Founder, The Workplace CoachDr. Mickey Parsons, Founder
Brenda Baxter is a cando executive who is accustomed to getting results. A division vice president for a prominent construction agency, she has a decisive, take-charge leadership style that she honed while serving in the military.

In recent years, as her role at the construction agency has expanded, Baxter (not her real name) found that her usual leadership style wasn’t working, and her management team was underperforming as a result. At the same time, her CEO was pressuring her to drop her top-down management style and become more collaborative. Try as she might, Brenda could not make the change.

That’s when she turned to The Workplace Coach, LLC, a team of award-winning executive, leadership, and career coaches. “I discovered how to improve leadership skills and to translate that knowledge to the other managers within my department,” Baxter says.

Baxter met twice monthly with Dr. Parsons, her coach and founder of the workplace coach collaborative, for about a year, receiving additional email and phone support between sessions. Dr. Parsons guided her in a process that would help her define her challenges and opportunities, create strategies for overcoming her weaknesses, leverage her strengths, and develop a monthly action plan.

Today, nearly a decade after she first met with Dr. Parsons, Baxter says that coaching has made her a much better leader. “I have learned skills that have improved my working relationships with both internal and external clients. Many of our clients look to me as the go-to person in my agency. Without Mickey’s coaching, I would not be perceived as one of the most valuable members of our organization.”

Staying Ahead of Change

Effective leadership is a critical driver of organizational success, especially in the areas of innovation, productivity, and employee engagement. Many executives, managers, and team leaders find that although they are skilled in the technical side of their jobs, people leadership does not come naturally.

Even highly experienced leaders have to adapt and grow their leadership style to keep pace with the changing expectations of a new generation of employees—not to mention an increasingly harsh business environment. In response, a growing number of organizations are hiring leadership coaches.

Parsons and the team of coaches at The Workplace Coach have coached thousands of leaders and future leaders, equipping them and their organizations for success. “Our coaches partner with organizations and their team members to develop high-level executive and leadership capabilities by cultivating skills in leadership presence and vision, strategic thinking, partnerships, managing conflict, dealing with poor performance, and more,” Parsons says.

“Our blend of research-based coaching and coaching psychology ensures that our clients not only meet and exceed their goals but sustain their growth long after the coaching engagement ends.

An investment in your organization’s leadership development is an investment in your bottom line

“The evidence shows that coaching works. In one study about the ROI of coaching, an impressive 86% of companies that used coaching reported at least a 100% return on their initial investment. Ultimately, an investment in your organization’s leadership development is an investment in your bottom line.”

Expanded Leadership Services

As demand for executive and leadership coaching has grown, The Workplace Coach has expanded, adding team members with expertise in leadership coaching and development as well as new programs and new client tools, including a more extensive selection of top-rated leadership profile and assessment tools.

Earlier this year, The Workplace Coach introduced customized leadership training for businesses and other organizations, both large and small. “We recognize that for some organizations, group leadership training is the ideal solution,” Parsons says.

The new customized leadership training program is under the direction of Dr. Bill Dickinson, a highly soughtafter leadership development consultant and the latest member of The Workplace Coach team. Dickinson meets with client organizations to understand their unique needs, objectives, and opportunities, then he proposes flexible, multifaceted learning solutions that are tailored to the client’s situation.

Investing in leadership training and development with The Workplace Coach delivers such critical results as:
• enhanced collaboration and teamwork
• improved resilience and agility
• increased productivity.

Another leadership program offered by The Workplace Coach is Onboarding Coaching for Leaders, which supports newly hired or newly promoted leaders in becoming productive contributors quickly and effectively.

Two other programs—Leader as Coach and Certified Leader Coach—focus on developing leaders’ skills at coaching their team members, an approach to leadership that is at the cutting edge of current best practices. These programs are available in both one-on-one and virtual training modes.

Growing Coaches

When Dr. Parsons founded The Workplace Coach in 1999, the young coaching profession was still gaining recognition. Today, there are a growing number of university-level education and training programs in coaching and coaching psychology. “Coaching has come a long way in establishing itself as a respected field of practice and a powerful method for catalyzing change,” Parsons says.

Not that he needed convincing. Parsons has long been an advocate for the coaching profession, and today he devotes part of his time to developing and training other coaches. The Workplace Coach offers supervision and mentoring, with a focus on guiding new, aspiring, and experienced coaches through the certification process, helping them to build confidence and grow their coaching businesses.

Parsons is also an assistant professor in a Master of Science degree program in Coaching and Positive Psychology at Life University in Marietta, GA.
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The Workplace Coach

The Workplace Coach

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Dr. Mickey Parsons, Founder

The Workplace Coach, LLC, is a team of award-winning executive, leadership, and career coaches who partner with organizations and leaders to equip them for high-performance results. Executive coaching is an essential service. This involves co-creating strategy, structure, and solutions to fuel leaders and their organizations for innovation and success. The Workplace Coach team has real-world leadership experience as well as a thorough grounding in executive leadership coaching principles, ensuring that your investment in organizational and individual development yields evidence-based outcomes. The firm also performs assessments to gain objective data and insights around development opportunities